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Best Web Hosting for WordPress


Almost everybody that wants to launch their own website or web application have on question on their mind, what type of hosting do I choose? There is a plethora of different web hosts available on the internet each one of them tout their own benefits and how they are better than the rest. How must one come to a conclusion about the choice of their web host?

Well, you came to the right place because we have written this article after extensive research, testing and taken opinions from different web masters. On our search for the best website hosting for WordPress website, we came across different Hosting services and tried testing some of the popular ones and here are some pointers that you should keep in mind while selecting one.

Best Web Hosting for WordPress Website
Best Web Hosting For WordPress Website
  • Server Uptime: One of the things that matter the most when choosing a Web Host, is to check whether the hosting service provides a satisfactory server uptime. Server Uptime means the time for which the server works correctly and resolved your domain name. If the Server is down for extensive periods of time, there really isn’t any charm for selecting the Webhost because this really damages your clientele and ruins the reputation of your website from an SEO point of view.


  • Server Speed: Speed has become one of the most important ranking factors and if you are looking for organic traffic and are looking to rank on Google, it is very important that your Server Latency and Domain Resolve time is as low as possible. Server Speed matters a lot if you are looking for the best website hosting for WordPress as it is a quite heavy CMS.


  • Server Location: Another thing that matters a lot when selecting a server, is the location from where it will be hosted. Your location doesn’t matter at all, you can ask your Hosting Provider to host your server at the location where you intend to rank and perform your business activities. Basically, if most of your website comes from the US, you want your server to be in US because that will provide your users with an additional speed boost.


  • Allocated Server Resources: Each web host offers different packages with different resources to choose from. Depending upon your resource usage or expected traffic per month, it is crucial that your Server has enough resources to properly manage the traffic being experienced by it.


  • Server Security: Server Security should be the primary feature for the best website hosting for WordPress website and it is very important that your Server offers you an SSL certificate and uses HTTPS connection instead of HTTP because of the former being more secure and the latter being outdated.


  • Pricing: According to your budget, you should also check if the pricing being offered by the web host is competitive and offers you enough value to finally make the choice. Again, this should be decided by keeping the rest of the objectives in mind. Cheaper options often provide terrible quality so you need to balance out between the price and the quality. You definitely don’t want to go for a poor quality web host.


  • Customer Support: If your website runs into an issue, the customer support are the ones that will be responsible for lending you a hand and fixing that issue. Therefore, you should also look out for the Level of Customer Support that your Host Provides.

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Those were some basic features that a great web host should offer, now, according to our tests, we concluded that the Bluehost company is the best web host for you. We came to this conclusion because for starters, their reviews speak for themselves. Their plans contain all the information that you might require upfront and additional support is provided once you are set up.

In addition, they have a huge variety of plans that can cater to your needs and requirements. The pricing is also fairly competitive and they almost always have a discount for the first time that you purchase their plan so that you can get a good deal with a long-time reliable hosting provider. What truly makes Bluehost the absolute best web hosting for WordPress is that they provide you with lightning fast speeds and guarantee a 99.9% website uptime which is very useful in the long run if you want to rank your website for SEO.

There are different types of web hosting that you can get with Bluehost such as VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, WordPress Hosting and Shared Hosting. That covers almost every major type of hosting solutions that most people require so you have a wide array of options in front of you. However, you need to very careful while selecting the plan that you like. Some types of Hosting are explained below.

Choose a Best Plan

  • VPS Hosting: This is the most powerful type of Hosting that you can get and also the priciest. Basically, with this, you have your own Virtual Private Server but that means that you require some technical knowledge to set it up and maintain it from time to time. If you don’t possess that skill set, you could opt for managed VPS Hosting which automatically provides you with Technical Experts that do the heavy lifting for you but that comes at a cost.


  • Dedicated Hosting: This provides you with a dedicated server that you can either get with managed or unmanaged access. But the latter means that you have to set it up yourself and migrate or install your website by yourself. The server offers the most powerful speed and security features if you are able to configure it properly.


    • WordPress Hosting: If you are going to be using WordPress as a CMS, it is definitely not a bad option to go with a WordPress Hosting account that is cheaper than both dedicated and VPS hosting and also provides you with a high speed website. The only downside is that you don’t get root access and will have to live with the core features that are provided to you by Bluehost. However, it is not at all a huge tradeoff since most users won’t really require to manage their server with root access and would rather have it done for them by experts.


  • Shared Hosting: This is the cheapest plan that you can get if you are in for a bargain and it comes with almost all the features that the other types of hosting have but it is hosted on a shared server which means that there are other websites that have been hosted on your server and if they get huge spikes in resource usage, your website might also slow down. Security wise, this is a comparatively less appealing option but considering that it is incredibly cheaper as compared to the rest and can provide a good bang for your buck, we still recommend this to starting businesses and blogs.

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After checking and trying out all these features provided by Bluehost, we can safely conclude that it is one of the best web host for WordPress out there with countless features and a variety of different plans to choose from.

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