SEO web hosting service

SEO recommended web hosting service

A web hosting, also known as hosting, consists of storing data on a server located somewhere on the planet and is responsible for providing the content requested by the user by transferring files from a specified Ip address.

The hosting has become an item that must be taken into account when creating a digital marketing strategy and positioning in search engines (SEO) because many factors can influence when using a website.

These are some of the items that take into account the search engines, when you visit a website and that directly affect SEO:

• Server Location: The closer the servant of the public which is directed towards the website, be faster to load information. All servers can geo tag through the IP address which you connect.
• Response time: Each time a user makes a request to a server, it must respond as soon as possible by sending and answering all the necessary applications (This is known as a ping).
• Reputation server: Search engines keep records and IP addresses and servers, including cleaner this server and have the best reputation, the more positive points for positioning.
• Type of content on the server: The search engines evaluate the content of a server as a whole when the service is shared.
SEO web hosting service SEO web hosting service


SEO web hosting service

Virtual Private Server (VPS)
A virtual private server is the creation of a single area within a server, which generates a total independence to develop content specific web sites where search engines do not consider the other sites hosted there, nor influences so these perform.
It is recommended for web sites that do not require complex programming and development as it is not fully manageable and should be adapted to the options offered by the server.

Dedicated hosting
In a web host hosting dedicated to a single customer. A server is intended only for the website, it is fully customizable to the needs of the site and is recommended for highly complex developments for e-commerce strategies. It is the recommended strategy for positioning professional search engine and locally.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)
The content delivery network also known as hosting in the cloud, is a series of strategically distributed worldwide servers where you are staying and the information is replicated, in order to be closer to the user and generate a faster response and effective as well. It is the most recommended for a global positioning strategy, where a very high number of visitors expected and very fast response time is required.

Before hiring a web hosting service, whatever it is, it evaluates well the pros and cons that you can bring your hiring the same strategy…

• Investigate and assess the history of the company that will provide the service and servers that use.
• Consider the amount of space you need for your strategy and ability to transfer information from the server.
• Know where the server is located and what types of client handles.
• Evaluate with the development team and server programming requirements
• Engaging the services for at least one year.
• Note how often backups are made and information as the company is prepared in case of an accident or damage to the servers.
• A server offline, is a strategy that is useless.